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We Are Not Accepting New Clients At This Time. If you would like to be added to our waitlist please fill out the form below.

We offer limited tele-therapy.

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We are no longer working with clients under the age of 18 years old.

Choose joy

Why therapy?

As you know, life can sometimes present us with challenges we sometimes feel we're not equipped to handle. We can lose ourselves in the monotony of daily life and without warning find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and as though we are no longer managing our relationships and responsibilities effectively. Too often we begin to question who we are, what we want, and sometimes whether we are deserving of both the good and bad things around us. In some cases, we also begin to see our problems as insurmountable and that there is no way forward. 

​At Manifest Joy
Counseling in Tucson we believe that with understanding, a commitment to growth, and empathetic guidance you can overcome the fear and doubt you are struggling with and find the life you desire. 


As therapists we also understand that seeking help comes with a number of concerns. Will my therapist respect my confidentiality? Will I feel safe or judged? Will I feel as though my therapist is the right fit for me? Can I afford this emotionally and financially right now?

We want to assure you that all of these questions are valid and we will work with you to be sure that you feel safe and that what we offer meets your needs. We work with individuals and couples in a wide range of circumstances and family structures. We have expertise working with older people and the LGBTQ+ community. Whether you are looking for help with depression and anxiety, grief and loss, life transitions, PTSD, marriage/family struggles, stress management, or many other issues we can help. 

We are skilled in many therapeutic approaches including, but not limited to:


Finally, we want to share with you that our philosophy is one that includes a mind, body, spirit approach. When we are healthy in these areas it is reflected in our lives and relationships. Let us help you find your balance.

Joy does not simply happen to us - we have to choose joy

and keep choosing it every day.

"You are not stuck where you are

unless you decide to be."

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