Your physical and mental health are important to us. We are happy to be able to provide therapy to you and/or your family through tele-therapy services. We use the SimplePractice program, which is easy to navigate. This application is HIPPA compliant and allows us to engage with you in confidentiality. Contact us to start today.


Why choose tele-therapy?

Now Offering Tele-therapy

In today's circumstances, we encourage use of tele-therapy for your peace of mind, and so that your treatment can continue uninterrupted. It also helps us all practice social distancing and allows for greater time management for those who are working from home. We especially encourage you to use this option if you are in a high risk group for illness, immunocompromised or caring for someone who would have no other caregiver if you fell ill. 


We know that these are uncertain times. We also know that the challenges of daily life continue in addition to the new threat of COVID-19 and the changes that may have brought to your life. 


We don’t want uncertainty about the safety of in-person sessions to be a barrier to your continued growth and success. Thank you for continuing to take care of yourself even if it means adapting to new tools and formats. Get started today. 


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