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Tucson Resources

Manifest Joy Counseling was founded in Tucson and serves our local community through our east-side office. Both of our therapists are longtime residents of this beautiful desert city, and are well-versed in the many resources our community has to offer. 

We encourage our clients to enrich their lives by taking advantage of the many opportunities Tucson and the surrounding areas offer to experience amazing natural beauty, unique events and festivals, rich cultural and historical heritage, family fun, theater, music, museums, world-renowned cuisine, and much more. Connect with your community, find things that inspire you, and manifest your joy!

Your therapist will also offer you a variety of resources to meet your specific needs. We've included just a few below.

Crisis Resources

Crisis Response Center - 520-622-6000

Palo Verde Behavioral Health

Sonora Behavioral Health

Resources for Older Adults


Arizona AG Resource Listing

Pima Council on Aging

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